Eichhorn Schwarzer Adler Dunkles

dark beer with big head in mug
Eichhorn Schwarzer Adler Dunkles Vollbier

Brewery: Brauerei Eichhorn
Color: dark brown, ruby highlights

Head: creamy, tan

slight chocolate
full-bodied, a bit over-carbonated
dry, some chocolate notes
Finish: clean, dry

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d had this beer in a bottle and thought it was pretty good so put it on the list. Oddly enough, wasn’t planning on getting there this particular day but when another Schwarzer Adler in nearby Stettfeld was unexpectedly closed, I remembered this being just up the road. So, was expecting a Hellerbock but found this tasty Dunkles in front of me instead. This is a newer beer from the brewery and I was the only one in the pub that seemed to be drinking it. Aside from it being a bit overly carbonated, I quite enjoyed it. It looked amazing when served and once the fizziness subsided, it was a fine brew.  It’s not a typical beer for the area, more like a southern Bavarian Dunkles and by those standards, it was a dry delight. Hopefully, it finds some takers in the pub. They’d help their cause by serving it less fizzy as their Kellerbier is surely a low carbonation affair.

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