Eichhorn Schwarzer Adler Bockbier

amber beer with big head in mug
Eichhorn Unfiltered Bockbier

Brewery: Brauerei Eichhorn
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: rocky, dense

slight hop
full-bodied, soft
hoppy, dry, fruity
Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: I’d not heard anything about this Bock and had just been cheated out of having a new Bock at the Schwarzer Adler down the road in Stettfield. I was happy to see a sign heralding an unfiltered Bock as we walked through the door. I still had the Dunkles to start but there was little doubt I’d have a second beer. This one came out looking incredible with a massive rocky head. There was only a slight hoppy nose but the flavor was quite hoppy from the start. There was a gentle fruitiness about it and the finish was quite long and dry, with some definite bitterness at the end. I’m not sure if the one in Stettfeld is better but if it is, I have to have it.

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