Woodstock Brewery/Fuller’s African Pride India Porter

black beer in glass with bottle
Woodstock Brewery’s African Pride Inda Porter

Brewery: Woodstock Brewery
Cape Town
Style: Black
Color: unfiltered, black

Head: tan, ample, rocky, amazing lacework
Nose: piney

medium, low carbonation
Palate: hoppy, balanced, smoky wood

Finish: long, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle from the brewery

Impression:  This was a gift from the owner. I was hoping for the Acid Queen, which was coming out the next day but after I had a sip of this, I was very happy with what I got. It poured about as nicely as any beer I’d had in South Africa and the lacework on the glass and piney nose were outstanding. I didn’t have any write up on the beer and since it was made with Fuller’s and their porter is world renowned, I figured it was a porter with some IPA overtones. Well, it was a lot hoppier than expected but still maintained good balance. After I got home, I read that it was a Black IPA and the taste profile made more sense. The name should have given it away but preconceptions of Fuller’s for me are strong. At any rate, it was one of our favorite dark beers in three weeks of sampling South African craft beer.

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