Hönig Pils


beer in ceramic mug
Hönig Pils

Brewery: Hönig
in krug so no visuals
fluffy white head protruding over krug
malty with fair hopping in nose
Body: medium
-bodied, low carbonation
soft fruity, nicely balanced
Finish: long, dry and bitter

Served: gravity tap at the brewery

Impression: Waited quite a while to get this beer. The brewpub always seemed to be closed when I was in the village. Great little outside seating area and it was sunny so no better place to enjoy a Kellerbier. Must say, no better type of beer to enjoy in the sun, either. This one was a beauty, with the white head enticing to have another. Unfortunately, I had two Bierkellers to hit and about eight kilometers to walk so I only had one.

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