Kloster Reutberg Weißbier Bock

reutberger wießbier bock

Brewery: Klosterbrauerei Reutberg
Weißbier Bock
opaque honeycomb
white, lively
Nose: yeasty, fruity

Body: medium-
bodied, effervescent
fresh fruit, yeasty
Finish: long fruity finish
Served: in a bottle
at home

Impression: I’ve been to the Kloster Reutberg and it’s a fantastic place, with a great view and scenic location. They serve excellent traditional Bavarian food and have a full portfolio of well-made beers. That said, I’d never seen this Weißbier Bock until a student gave it to me yesterday. Working as an English teacher in Munich does have some advantages and if you talk about beer enough, you are bound to get some beer as going away gifts. Well, this was one heady and beautiful beer. If looks weren’t enough, the taste was equally good. It’s full of fresh fruit, yeast and is very refreshing. It just might be the most refreshing strong beer I’ve ever had.

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