Schinner Braunbier

Schinner Braunbier

Brewery: contract brewed for Schinner Braustuben
light brown
off white, rocky
malty but a hint of hops
full-bodied, medium carbonation
firm malty flavor, quite dry
Finish: quite dry and bitter

Served: on tap at the former brewhouse

Impression: The Schinner Brauhaus is a bit kitschy and they go to great lengths to hide the fact their beer is no longer brewed by them but I went there as it was right in the center of town. I’d come from Becher-Bräu on the outskirts of town so had just drunk an excellent dark beer there so figured this one wouldn’t fair well. I was wrong. It was every bit as good as the Becher beer and it was on tap, while the latter was only available in a bottle. It was a very dry dark brew with quite a clean bitter finish. It was late or I’d have had another. If in town, it’s worth a stop. I really looked but I can’t figure out where it’s actually brewed but whoever is doing it, is doing a great job. It’s a beauty to behold with one of the most formidable and lasting heads I’ve seen.

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