Zum Schwan (Ebensfelder Brauhaus)

07-IMG_8669Hauptstraße 46
96250 Ebensfeld
Tel: 09573 330 11 90

Ebensfeld station 500 m

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday from 16:00 to 22:00
Closed Monday & Sunday
(permanently closed but this has happened before so let’s hope it reopens yet again)

Output: 6000 HL

Founded in 1752, the Engelhardt family seems to be around for the long haul with two sons acting as brewers and their father still running the overall operations. The actual brewery is just behind the restaurant on the town’s main street and it turns out a full range of beers including seasonals. Zum Schwan, their brewery tap, was closed for some time and then resumed quite full hours only to be cut back down to evenings. Let’s hope it can remain open but it does appear the the brewery and its beers are more than safe.

Adam Riese Urtunk & courtyard seating at Zum Schwan

I had just come from their other outlet on the edge of town, Engelhardt’s Keller and with about a half hour to my train, I stopped in for a quick beer since it’s so close to the station. I didn’t get a chance to see the interior but the courtyard area was quite nice and service was quick. They had a full range of beers on tap but with such a short window I only had time for one.  I opted for the very tasty Adam Riese Urtrunk.

I definitely will return to try the rest of what I imagine are all fine beers. I’ve recently had a chance to pick up some of their beers bottled and both Bocks (see links to reviews below) were excellent. I also had a lightly smoked Ebensfelder Hochwürdentrunk.

the bottles I’ve had since the pub closed

Beers: Ebensfelder Edel Pils, Ebensfelder Fränkisches Landbier, Ebensfelder Adam Riese Urtrunk, Weißbier hell on tap.

Beer calendar:
Reine Männersache (an Export for Fat Tuesday & Ascension Day)

Festbier (for Easter, their Kirchweih, Christmas)
Kellerbier at their Engelhardt’s Keller from May 1st to the end of September)
Heller Bock und Dunkler Bock from the beginning of November

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