Ebensfelder Heller Bock

golden beer in glass with bottle
Ebensfelder Heller Bock

Brewery: Ebensfelder Brauhaus
Style: Heller
Color: deep golden

Head: white

Nose: some grain

Body: medium

Palate: ample malt up front, just enough hops from the middle on

Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: from a bottle bought in the area

Impression: I’ve only been to the brewery once and had one beer in my rushed visit. So, I was happy to find both their Dunkler and Heller Bocks in bottle form.  This very deeply golden Bock is well-balanced but still super flavorful with ample hopping to offset an otherwise nice malty brew. A touch of honey creeps in as it warms. This is again one very dangerous Bock at 6.9%.

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