Wieseth is a small town in Ansbach county which lies appropriately enough on the Wieseth River. It dates back to the late 1100s but it’s unlikely you’ll make your way here despite there being a very good small brewery. Public transportation is limited unless you’re coming from Dinkelsbühl and worse yet, the brewery shuttered its pub a long time ago. In fact, I have yet to make it to Wieseth even though I quite like their beers, which I had mostly had in bottles until recently. On researching the town, I noticed the brewery still has copper kettles so I may try to make more of an effort to get there in the future.

Fischer Landbräu

Hauptstraße 18
91632 Wieseth
Tel: 09822 74 11

Ansbach station: 22 km/limited bus service

Opening hours (beer sales)
Monday, Thursday & Friday 9:30 to 12:30 & 15:00 to 18:00
Wednesday & Saturday 9:30 to 12:30

Closed Tuesday & Sunday

Output: 3500 HL

Founded in 1607 as Zum Hirschen and in the Fischer family since 1872, this Middle Franconian favorite sticks mostly to the classic styles but also does a few more experimental ones in the Craft Beer sphere. Even these however, take their inspiration from older styles. Alfred Hüttner is married to a Fischer descendant and has been not only the brewer but manager since 2019, making for six generations in the same family.

Fischer’s traditional line-up

I was happy to finally find these standard beers (Das Spezial, Das Pils, Das Helle) from the brewery when I was in Dinkelsbühl and enjoyed them all, thus prompting my desire to find them on tap. Their unofficial brewery tap is in Feuschtwangen. When there, I found a shop selling their unfiltered Das Keller Pils and one of their Hirsch Craft specialty line-up ( Hirsch Craft Schwarze Lore Dunkles Lagerbier).

two specialty Fischer beers

The brewery tap in Wieseth closed many years ago but the Gasthaus Sindel Buckel in nearby Feuchwangen has excellent food and at least two Fischer beers on tap.

Beers: Das Spezial, Das Pils, Das Helle, Das Keller Pils, Landbier.
Hirsch Craft: Schwarze Lore Dunkles Lagerbier, Fritzla, Michl.
Beer calendar:
Hirschbock in autumn
Das Bockbier in December & January

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