Feuchtwangen is pretty small town in Ansbach county which lies not only on the Frankenhöhe but also more strategically tourist-wise on the Romantic Road. It dates back to 816 when the monastery of St. Redeemer was first mentioned. Even though no longer active, the church and former cloister buildings still sit majestically in the center of town. There are numerous places to stay and eat, but it remains far less known than nearby stops so it makes a less touristy base on the famed Romantic Road.

 charming Feuchtwangen

While the Romantic Road is best driven, you can get to Dinkelsbühl by regular bus in a half hour. There are also less regular buses between it and Wieseth, where Fischer Landbräu is located. While it does make a charming base, Feuchtwangen is also a bus hub of sorts and I found myself here twice before discovering that Gasthaus Sindel Buckel in town has a few of the Fischer beers on tap. So, if you time yourself well, you can pop in for a beer (and meal).

Gasthaus Sindel Buckel

Spitalstraße 28
91555 Feuchtwangenh
Tel: 098522594

Ansbach station: 22 km/limited bus service/regular bus from Dinkelsbühl

Opening hours
Daily food 11:30 to 13:45 & 17:30 to 20:45 (hotel is always open, not sure about drinking)
Closed Wednesday (except for hotel guests)

This popular guesthouse mixes traditional elements with a modern flair. The interior was empty the beautiful day I visited but it looked cozy enough for a cold day. There was an additional winter garden room with lots of bright light. The real draw, however, is the charming Biergarten out back.

a sweet Biergarten & eclectic interior

Despite having taken a detour to the local beer shop, I got there just in time to nab a choice shady spot in the scenic Biergarten. It would soon fill up with most of the tables under the leafy trees reserved. I ordered a Fischer Spezial and perused the varied menu.

Fischer Spezial in a special place

The server was in the weeds and was perturbed that I wasn’t ready to order when she returned with my beer. Admittedly, it’s not typical German behavior. Most order their beverage and when the beverage comes, they order their food. They rarely get another beverage other than a coffee at the end. Well, I’d come specifically to drink all of the beer so was in no hurry to order. Besides, the menu was uncharacteristically full of interesting choices.

Saibling & a Pils

I ordered Saibling (char) over quinoa risotto and the Fischer Helles. The meal was amazing but it was the same beer I’d just had, the Spezial. They are two totally different colors but the server insisted she had brought the Helles. Needless to say, I waffled it down and ordered the Fischer Pils. Out came a Pils in a Dentleiner mug. I will divulge the beers were not on the menu so it’s not impossible they’ve replaced the Fischer Pils with this one. Either way, it was excellent as well.

 finally the Fischer Helles & rushed town visit

The smart move would have been to pay up and take a quick tour of town before my bus but I couldn’t let the “wrong Helles” thing lie so I ordered a small Helles and lo and behold, the earlier beer had been the Spezial again. By now, the server was frantically trying to keep up but I had to get going. When my request for my check was taking too long, I cornered her on the way back from the toilet and insisted on paying then and there. She gave in and off I went for a much rushed look at the town.

Sadly, I won’t likely return too quickly due to the service but if I were in Feuchtwangen again, I’d surely go. The food was excellent. They have at least two Fischer beers on tap, though harder to get than they should be! The Biergarten was lovely.

They have rooms so an overnight stop is possible and I’d use it with my wife who would love the atmosphere and food selection.

Beers: Fischer Das Spezial, Fischer Das Helle, Fischer Das Pils (possibly Dentleiner Pils?) on tap. Assorted bottles.

If looking for the Fischer beers to bring home, try the small beer shop next to the Kronenwirstskeller (which looked cute, especially its sign, but had crap beer on tap):

Getränkemarkt  Kronenwirtskeller
Kronenwirtsberg 28
91555 Feuchtwangen
Tel: 098522317

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