Fischer (Wieseth) Das Pils on tap

golden beer in logo mug
Dentleiner or Fischer Pils?

Brewery: Fischer
Style: Pils
Color: deep
white, rocky, creamy
light grain, light hop
Body: medium

Palate: balanced,
malty, grainy, hoppy
Finish: clean, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at Gasthaus Sindel Buckel in Feuchtwangen

Impression: This was oddly served in Dentleiner mug but at least it’s not the Spezial again as I’d been given the wrong beer on my second order! All the hassle aside, a lovely soft pour of a really nice Pils. Lightly grainy, dry, hoppy, It’s got everything you’d want in the style. The finish is truly moreish. I’ll have to check again to see if this was Fischer or the now defunct Dentleiner Pils (which is contract brewed by Brückmüller in Amberg).  I had found that a very good Pils as well.

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