kemmern wagner keller exterior
Am Waldhang 2
96164 Kemmern
Tel: 0173-9114718

Breitengüßbach Station 3.6 km

Opening hours:
Daily from 2:00
Sunday and holidays from 9:30
Closed in bad weather but there is an indoor restaurant so call

The Wagner Keller is set in a very scenic area and the rustic old restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy one of their sumptuous meals. These are big plates of food so bring a hearty appetite. They have the full range of Wagner beers even though this is not the actual brewery, which is in the center of the village, a few kilometers away.

Though I have always wanted to go to the brewery, it has inconvenient hours and the Keller was open one year when we were driving back after our Easter weekend. They had full meals going as it was Easter Monday so I could get Schäuferla and my wife got duck breast. Both were excellent and perfect given the bad weather that day. Thankfully, the Keller was still open. They had their Kellerbier from gravity dispense but it seemed a little flat though still had a good flavor. It’s surely in better form in warmer months. The Bockbier was on a regular tap and excellent.

Duck breast, Schäuferla & their Bockbier

I finally got to return in late August of 2021 so enjoyed sitting outside. There’s a better view than I’d envisioned too. We’d already eaten so it was strictly a beer stop.

nice summery visit to the Wagner Keller

I hope to return for a meal and a fuller experience of the Wagner Keller next summer!

Beers: Lagerbier, Pils, Keller, Weizen and seasonals from Wagner-Bräu, all on tap.

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