Though Spielbach lies technically in Baden-Württemberg, it was not only traditionally part of Franconia but is still very much culturally Franconian. It is a good example of Franconia and Bavaria not truly overlapping outside the world of political jurisdiction. Borders are, after all, only lines on maps and it is the language and culture of the people of an area which define it. So, Spielbach is rightfully included in a discussion of Franconian beer. As you might imagine, there happens to be a fine country brewery in this otherwise small unremarkable village. That alone is more than reason to visit.


Spielbach 19
74575 Schrozberg
Tel: 07939 4616

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 18:00 to 22:30
Sunday                         12:00 to 22:30

Output: 2000 HL (Stopped brewing in December 2023/pub open serving Michelsbacher beer)

A brewpub has been in this location since 1668 and the Unbehauen family has run it since 1880. Little has changed since then and the timeless old pub could be a museum piece but that it is not. It is very much a working and lively pub which attracts both locals and beer tourists from near and far.

timeless Gold-Ochsen

While it took me longer to know about this place than it perhaps should have, I’d wanted to go there for many years before finally making it. It’s not the easiest place to get to without a car and the one time I did stop by with one, it was closed. I actually knew it would be closed but went just to see it anyway. It was kind of on the way. Thanks to a local friend, I recently got a chance to experience this timeless old gem of a pub.

little has changed since the early 1900s

Well, they only brew two beers and only one of them is on tap at any given time. This time, it was their sublimely quaffable Spezial, a deep golden malt forward affair which manages to have a dry finish despite an apparent lack of any discernible hop presence. There aren’t any menus, only specials of the day. We got a large family style portion of dumpling soup and I got the Wildschweinbraten. It was all marvelous.

great beer & food in addition to atmosphere

Service was swift and friendly once you established yourself as blending in and non-obtrusive. It felt like visiting someone’s house and the food very much tasted like that too. As you can imagine, on the ride back to the station, I was already planting the seed for a December visit. Now, I just have to have their Bock!

the long anticipated Festbock & Grääsda Ebbiern

After a little more than a year, I made it back for the Festbock and with my wife in tow no less. She was there for the Grääsda Ebbiern but had to admit the Bock was amongst the best. We’re looking forward to a summer visit so we can do the hike out rather than go by car.

We finally made it in warm weather and hiked from Rothenburg ob der Tauber while spending the weekend there. We got to sit in the courtyard and even have dessert!

Beers: Michelbacher Export (cousin’s brewery in nearby Michelsbach)

Anecdotal beers: Spezial hell or seasonal Festbock on tap.

Beer calendar:
from mid-December into January

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