Michelbacher Export (Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer)

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Michelbacher Export (Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer)

Brewery: Adlerbrauerei Carl Schmetzer
Michelbach an der Lücke (Waldhausen)
Export 5.4%
Color: deep golden

white, thinning
malty, slight grain, mown grass
Body: medium

balanced, lightly grainy, underlying hops
Finish: lingering

Served: on tap at the Gasthaus Adler in Rot am See

Impression: This seemed quite rich for a Helles, as it was sold by the server.  I thought it was the Export. It wasn’t sweet considering the malt factor and there was a nice subdued grain element. The finish was lingering and avoided being overly sticky with some underlying hops. It turned out to be the Export so was so stylistically more on target. Either way, a touch more hops would have made at least me happier.

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