brewery exterior
Am Marktplatz 2
91320 Ebermannstadt
Tel: 09194-767190 or 209

Opening hours:
Daily from 7:00
Sunday 7:00 to 3:00 PM
No closed days

Ebermannstadt Station 550 meters

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1812, the brewery itself is 500 meters away closer to the Wissent River at Mühlenstraße 1. Adjacent to the brewery is the charming little Schwanenbräu Bierkeller which I recently finally got a chance to enjoy.

The Gasthof Schwanenbräu is right on the main square and is as noted as a restaurant as brewery. I’ve not had the pleasure of eating there as I’d just come from a large meal at Meisterbräu and was only here to try a few beers. I had the Lagerbier Dunkel, Pils and couldn’t resist trying their Bock while there too.  It was a cozy room but must say, I’d like to come back in summer to hit their Biergarten next time.

Their Pils, signature Lagerbier Dunkel & seasonal Bock

Beers: Lagerbier Dunkel, Pils, Hefeweizen.

Beer calendar:
Festbier at their Altstadtfest in the middle of August
Weihnachtsbock from December
Kirchweih is the second weekend in September
Kellerbier Dunkel at their Bierkeller in summer

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