Schwanenbräu Keller

bierkeller exterior

Mühlenstraße 1
91320 Ebermannstadt
Tel: 09194/209

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday       17:00 to 22:00
Weekends & holiday 15:00 to 22:00
No closed days

Ebermannstadt Station 600 meters

Output: 1000 HL

Though the Schwanenbräu restaurant and hotel is in the center of Ebermannstadt, the actual brewery is on the edge of town on the river. This is where the beer is lagered and it makes sense that the Bierkeller offers both beer and snacks in the warmer months. With the late afternoon opening hours, it took me some time to finally make it here but I can say, it’s a charming little place worth checking out.

nice things come in small packages

We’d had a large lunch but had also just done a short but steep hike up to the Schüsselstein so decided to split a portion of Gerupfter, the Franconian cheese spread equivalent to Bavaria’s Obazda. We started out with their Kellerbier Dunkel, a perfect accompaniment.

Kellerbier in glass & typical Franconian snack of Gerupfter

They had both a light and dark Weizen in addition to their Pils and what was listed as a Kellerbier Dunkel. We’d had a nice Dunkles at their pub years prior and figured this was the same beer but photos show it to be quite different in appearance. I got the second one in a glass just to make sure as it typically comes in a Krug. We didn’t have time for the Weizens but did try the Pils, which was maltier than is typical and while pleasant enough, I’d stick with the Kellerbier next time. We also split a Schmalzbrot, a pork/goose fat spread on bread.

their Pils went well with the second snack

We quite liked this little place even if somewhat as much on a busy road as on the river. Some spots were more removed from it than others and the beer, food and laid back atmosphere more than made up for the occasional passing car.

Beers: Kellerbier Dunkel, Pils, Weizen hell, Weizen dunkel on tap

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