Schwanenbräu Kellerbier Dunkel

Schwanen Bräu Kellerbier Dunkel in Krug & glass

Brewery: Schwanenbräu
unfiltered light amber
off white, thinning
floral hops, some grain
Body: medium

hoppy from the start, quite dry, undercurrent of grain
Finish: dry, bitter

on tap at the brewery’s Schwanenbräu Keller

Impression: This was listed as Kellerbier Dunkel at their Keller but the website said their Lagerbier Dunkel was the beer available. So, I assumed it was the same beer and was happy enough as I’d liked it at their pub in town many years prior. It came in a Krug so I couldn’t see if it looked the same but it sure didn’t taste anything like what I remembered. I got the next one in a glass and it definitely didn’t look like the same beer. Check out my review of the Lagerbier Dunkel to compare. It was a dark brown filtered beer more in the Dunkles family while this one was much lighter in color and unfiltered. It was also much hoppier. I liked both of them but would have to admit that this Kellerbier makes a great session beer, what you’re looking for when in a Bierkeller.

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