Schwanenbräu Pils


Schwanenbräu Pils

Brewery: Schwanenbräu
deep golden to light amber
white, rocky, thinning at the Keller
malty, slight grain
Body: medium but full for a Pils

Palate: grainy,
malty, underlying hops
Finish: semi-dry, bitter

on tap at the brewery and later at the Schwanenbräu Keller

Impression: I had this after the Bock and had to do a double take as it looked quite a bit like it, rather deep golden for the style. It was also fuller-bodied and maltier than most Pils but the hops came through and finished it off on the drier side and fairly bitter.

I recently had this in 2020 after about 8 years and it seemed about the same though I noticed a slight diacetyl element which wasn’t particularly unpleasant and didn’t interfere with the overall flavor.

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