Scheubel’s Stern-Bräu

schlüsselfeld stern bräu exterior

Kirchplatz 12
96132 Schlüsselfeld
Tel: 09552 320

Opening hours:
Closed Monday
Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00

Output: 2500 HL

Founded in 1828, the Scheubel family initially utilized the Communal brewery that was built in 1737 and is now in a brewing museum in Bad Windsheim. This has been replaced by modern technology but traditional brewing methods remain the forte of the current brewer, Gunther Scheubel.

the new brewing equipment & Stern-Bräu’s sign heralding founding date of 1828

There is a small outdoor seating area but if you are in the mood for such things, head just on the edge of town their Scheubel’s Keller but make sure to check their opening hours as they are limited.  If the weather isn’t great or you just like sitting indoors, their cozy pub will more than do the trick.

Stern-Bräu’s cozy pub & their tasty Vollbier Hell

When we arrived, we snagged one of the few tables outside and ordered their very tasty Vollbier and a great house-butchered mixed meat plate The older woman pouring the beer was also serving the food and my guess is, making up the food, too. Considering all this, service was quite good. You go in to order food and fetch your own beer but they bring  out the food when it’s ready. It’s a good system for such a small place.

cold cuts on plate

a great house-butchered mixed meat plate at Stern-Bräu

We decided to head inside for our remaining beers and switched to their lightly smoky Festbier. It was quite good and we stuck with it for the rest of the evening. Service inside was good and more what you might expect, with the beer brought to your table.

a great smoky Festbier at Stern-Bräu and bottle from 2021

I recently got a bottle of their Festbier from 2021 and it was quite different that what I’d had on tap so perhaps they do a different one each year.

We returned in November 2021 and I asked what beers were on tap. The server said a Vollbier and Dunkel. I went for the latter and out came what looked like the Festbier I’d had in a bottle in spring of this year. It didn’t seem smoky but otherwise a similar sublimely dry treat.

Stern-Bräu Dunkel Festbier on tap in 2021 & collaboration Kreisla 36

I loved it so got six bottles to go. Let’s see how they taste. I also picked up some bottles of Kreisla 36 when I was at nearby Brauerei Kaiser. This is a collaboration beer between these two and Brauerei Hermann in Ampferbach and can highly recommend it.

Beers: Vollbier hell, Festbier dunkel, Hausbrauerbier. Bottled Festbier in early 2021. Festbier on tap in 2021.

All beers are unfiltered but lagered in such a way to let sediment settle, thus their bright clear appearance. This takes time and is costly but the brewery feels it’s important to the character of their beer. Beer is bottled onsite and is also unfiltered. Hats off to Stern-Bräu. 

Their Hausbrauerbier is unfiltered and cloudy and is sold in kegs every 14 days on Saturday morning at 7:00 am!

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