Stern-Bräu Festbier on tap #2

dark beer with huge head in logo mug
Stern-Bräu Dunkel Festbier

Brewery: Scheubel’s Stern-Bräu
Dunkel Festbier
Color: unfiltered deep mahogany

Head: off-white
, rocky, lasting
Nose: rich malt
, roast
balanced, malty, nice roast, hoppy
Finish: clean, dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This is one Festbier which seems hard to pin down. I had it on tap a few years ago and loved it. It was amber and lightly smoky. I got a bottle last year and it was very dark and more complex but still a bit smoky. I was recently there in November 2021 and it was on tap but this time it was dark like the bottle and didn’t seem smoky. It was a great looking deep chestnut beer with an ample rocky head and nice roast in the otherwise malty nose. Firm hops permeated but didn’t overplay the ample malt, making for a lovely, dry, moreish dark session beer. I got six bottles to go. Very intrigued to see how they taste!

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