Birkenweg 2

97647 Hausen – Roth
Tel: 0977981010

Mellrichstadt Station 17 km/limited bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7:30 to 16:30

Output: 29,000 HL

Founded in 1788 and in the same family since 1872, this is one relatively small brewery which has always been forward thinking. Bringing in a steam engine in 1904 and replacing their four teams of horse drawn carriages with their first truck in 1934, they expanded their range well into Hesse and Thuringia with a renowned high quality beer much sought after. Sadly in 1945, they lost 80% of their customers who were then drinking their beer on the other side of  The Wall.

In 1989 with Reunification in its infancy, the brewery introduced an organic line-up labeled Öko and priced a bit higher than their flagship Pils. They also bought up the brewery at the Augustiner Monastery Münnerstadt, initially just bottling their beers. Sadly, they closed down the monastic enterprise but continue to brew and bottle their small range, which they offer on tap at their restaurant up the street. These are labeled Kloster beers.

 some of the bottles I brought home

Beers: Rother Bräu Pils, Rother-Bräu Helles, Rother Bräu Export, Rother Bräu Festbier, Öko Urtrunk, Öko Ur-Pils, ÖKo Ur-Weizen, Kloster Pils, Kloster Urstoff, Öko Bier & Apfel, Rother Bräu Radler, Öko Ur-Weizen Alkoholfrei.

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