Gaststätte Braustüble (Rother Bräu)

Hauptstraße 7
97647 Hausen – Roth
Tel: 097798587607
Rooms available

Mellrichstadt Station 17 km
Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00

The Braustüble has been welcoming guests since 1906 and was recently refurbished in a traditional style with a nice green tiled oven for a cozy effect. There looked to be a nice terrace area but we sure didn’t have the weather to utilize it. They also offer rooms, a plus after one of their ample and tasty meals.

the cozy Braustüble

We called in for a quick drink before our hike and prior to seeing the menu, I asked what kind of beers they had on tap. I was happy to hear Dunkel and ordered it. I was a bit perplexed when it came out in a Klosterbrauerei Münnerstadt mug. I asked for a menu and there it was. I later read up about the first acquisition and then closing down of the former brewery at the monastery. All that said, it was quite a nice beer and on tap from the brewery just up the street. To be honest, I’d never heard of it prior to this experience so had no connection to its sure past glories. I followed that up with a rather fizzy Pils.

A tasty Kloster Urstoff & fizzy Rother-Bräu Pils

Though our first experience was a little lackluster, we decided to give it another chance for lunch the next day before heading home. It had been mid afternoon and we were the only ones there. The barman was disinterested and I’m sure bored. It was quite different on Good Friday at lunch.  My Rother-Bräu Helles was carefully poured and when the same barman saw me taking photos of it, he came over and added more beer to an already great looking head. I opted for the Zander (pike) filet to keep with the Good Friday theme. Admittedly I was a bit meat-ed out after two heavy meals the day prior. I was happy with my choice and my wife was envious.

Rother-Bräu Helles & Zander filet

Along getting to sample their food, one of the reasons I wanted to return was to not only resample their flagship Pils but also to get a better photo of it. I got half of my wish. Again, the much more attentive barman offered up an excellent pour but unfortunately in the Kloster Urstoff mug. He undoubtedly thought he was doing me a favor and perhaps the beer is in better form in the mug rather than the typical German Pils glass. My wife wanted something lighter and got a mushroom toast. Both meals came with much better than average salads with a tart yogurt dressing.

an excellent Rother-Bräu Pils & mushroom toast

It was not only a great meal but also a much better experience which has us looking to return and perhaps spending the night upstairs. The host came out twice to ask how we liked our food and genuinely seemed to care. She went from table to table and obviously knew most people on a first name basis. It’s good to see a brewery tap doing well in such a small town. It bodes well for its future.

Beers: Rother-Bräu Pils, Rother-Bräu Helles, Rother-Bräu Öko-Urweizen, Kloster Urstoff all on tap. Bottled Alcohol free Pils & Weizen.

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