Rother-Bräu Pils

Rother-Bräu Pils

Brewery: Rother-Bräu
Town: Roth (Hausen/Rhön)

Style: Pils 4.7
Color: light golden

white, rocky, chiffon like
Nose: light grain
, light hop
Body: medium
, fizzy first time/effervescent the second
Palate: balanced, lightly grainy, underlying hops
Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the Braustüble in Roth

Impression: Very fizzy pour but a decent enough balanced Pils with a nice grainy element and fair dryness in the finish. Will reserve judgement for a self pour when I get a bottle home. I returned to the restaurant for lunch the next day and ordered a full pour and received a beautiful one with a huge lasting rocky head. Still an effervescent beer but not gassy, allowing the light grain and hop character to shine. 

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2 thoughts on “Rother-Bräu Pils

    1. There is a Roth near Nürnberg, Don but unfortunately their brewery closed quite a while ago. As you can imagine, I’ve not been there. haha This Roth is actually part of Hausen in the Rhön area so in Lower Franconia. If you click on the brewery link in my beer reviews, it brings you to a small write up on the brewery and often the restaurant/brewery tap. It’s a very pretty area. I’ll write about Ostheim soon, well worth a visit. Thanks for dropping by.

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