Ropperts Keller

Stiebarlimbach 9
91352 Hallerndorf
Tel: 09195 72 63

Eggolsheim Station 9km/Hirschaid Station 9km/Forchheim Station 16km/Good bus service from Forchheim

Opening hours:
Only open from May to the end of September
Closed when the weather is bad
Monday & Tuesday from 11:00
Wednesday & Thursday from 14:00
Friday, Saturday and holidays from 11:00
Closed Sunday

Roppelts Keller doesn’t have the advantage of the scenic walk to the Kreuzberg and actually is not truly on the Kreuzberg, but for my money, it’s still the best. Blessed with large leafy trees, it’s every bit as scenic sitting there.  Located a very short walk from Brauerei Roppelt in the small village of Stiebarlimbach, the above address is the same as the brewery.  It’s on the way to the Kreuzberg area so you can’t miss it and the bus drops you off as close to the Keller as the brewery so finding it will not be a problem.  Finding a seat on weekends might be even though it’s one of the bigger ones in the area.  Why?  Amazing food at super reasonable prices and one of the finest Kellerbiers you’ll likely to never want to stop drinking.

I’ve been here many times and have always had their Schäuferla, one of the best I’ve had and one of the biggest, too. Prices are incredible for both food and beer. If you’re there when it’s not busy (during the week and early), you’ll wonder where all the people are. Otherwise, you’ll be thankful to be sitting there amongst them.

A match made in heaven: Schäuferla & Kellerbier at Roppelt Keller

It was great to get back to the Roppelts Keller on the Whit Sunday long weekend. As always, I enjoyed their marvelous Kellerbier but since we’d had a Schäuferla up at the Rittmayer Keller, we opted for a pair of cold meats. One was smoked pork belly and the other a smoky ham. Both were excellent. I also saw they had a Märzen so tried one of those as well.

Bierdeckel on their Märzen, rocky-headed Kellerbier & some tasty cold cuts

I recently ran a tour of the Hallerndorf area Bierkellers and enjoyed more great food at Roppelts, a personal and guest favorite.

more find meals at Roppelts

Back again in May of 2022 for more great food and beer, including a first ever Fleischküchla plate with very good potato salad. The Schweinebauch wasn’t up to par but looked like it was the end of what they had. Portion was small perhaps due to that.  Roppelts Kellerbier remains a favorite amongst the beers in those Kellers.

Fleischküchla was a new hit for us

Beer: Kellerbier & Weizen. Occasional Märzen.

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