Neuhaus an der Pegnitz

Neuhaus an der Pegnitz is a pleasant market town 60 kilometers northeast of Nuremberg, serviced by frequent regular trains. Set in the countryside, there are numerous trails, some to caves including the most noted Maximiliansgrotte.  The town’s top site is Burg Veldenstein which looms over it from every vantage point. Once home to a hotel and the brewery tap of the local Kaiser-Bräu, which have both since closed, it is still possible to visit the castle itself.

 some of the charming sights of Neuhaus an der Pegnitz

On the beer front, it is most noted as home to large regional Kaiser-Bräu. More interestingly, it was also home to a communal brewery which is no longer in use but thankfully there are still some remnants of the culture intact. This was severely hampered by COVID and at the moment, it appears only one of the families is still offering beer and food at their pub. Click on links below for more information.

Kommune Benaburger (Brunnhuber)
zoigl sign, beer with coaster, old restaurant interior
Kommune Brauhaus Neuhaus/Kommune Döth (Schaffer) /Kommune Reindl (Hombauer)
pub exterior, old brewery exterior, pub exterior
beer, brewery beer

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