Kommune Benaburger (Brunnhuber)

Unterer Markt 17
91284 Neuhaus an der Pegnitz
Tel: 091561676

Neuhaus an der Pegnitz Station 350m

Opening hours: Generally open for one ten day stretch once per month so no closing days and from what I see, open all day from about 10:00. It’s best to check their Facebook page for the actual scheduled opening periods and times. When it doubt call or message them.

The Kommune Benaburger is housed in the Brunnhuber House. This building was home to one of the communal brewing families which used the local communal brew house to make their beer, as was their right granted by the town to its inhabitants. The brew house became too expensive to renovate in 1992 and brewing shifted to  Falkenloch-Bräu, also in town. Since 2014, Kommune Benaburger has had their beer made according to their family recipe by the larger Kaiser-Bräu in town. The two remaining Kommune (Döth & Homburger) have ceased operations with COVID but Döth appears to be possibly reopening in October 2023. Falkenloch-Bräu is also currently closed so it is unsure if their beer will also be made at Kaiser-Bräu.

 the very traditional Kommune Brunnhuber/Benaburger

I have had interest in visiting this communal brewing scene for a few years but it has been on the back burner due to its not being a real brewery. For that reason, the Zoigl area in the Upper Palatinate was of more interest. A Franconian friend was recently here and though he said the beer wasn’t what it once was, it was still quite good. He said the place was definitely worth checking out and so I made a point of going. The pub was quite nice and traditional in a light wood kind of way. Service was very friendly and efficient.

an excellent lunch & tasty beer

It took some time to pour the beer but a beauty it was so worth the wait. The small but interesting menu featured both cold and warm dishes typical of the area.  I opted for the mixed plate of boiled pork belly, smoked pork belly and one Bratwurst (#3 on their menu: eine Bratwurst, ein Geräuchertes, ein gekochtes Bündel). It was excellent and quite good value. It was mid-week lunch so just one table of locals inside. There were more outside in the courtyard. I would imagine the atmosphere on a weekend evening would be quite bustling.

I’d certainly not hesitate to return and while not a high priority place to hit for the average beer tourist, it certainly gives you an idea of the Zoigl culture and is easily reached from Nürnberg.

Beers: Benaburger/Brunnhuber Zoigl on tap.

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