Kaiser-Bräu exterior

91284 Neuhaus an der Pegnitz
Tel: 09156880

Neuhaus an der Pegnitz Station 750m

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 7:00 to 16:30
Saturday 7:00 to 13:00

Though officially founded in 1929, Kaiser-Bräu has roots in the very beginning of brewing in the town noted as a historical communal brewing center. In fact, their beers were brewed in the original Kommune Brauhaus Neuhaus, though renamed Burg-Bräu, until 1966 when their larger facility on the town’s upper market was built. It was soon renamed Kaiser-Bräu to avoid confusion with neighboring castle breweries in 1966. Expansions at this location proved futile in substantially expanding production and the new brew house was built at its current location near the train station in 1991.

Kaiser-Bräu exterior

A fairly large regional brewery, it remains modest in size compared to the big boys and has also been run by the same family for three generations. They brew a full line-up of beers including those under the Veldensteiner brand, introduced in 1972 and continually expanded.

Beers: Kaiser Hell, Kaiser Pils, Kaiser Weißbier, Veldensteiner Vollbier hell, Veldensteiner Rotbier, Veldensteiner Landbier, Veldensteiner Pils, Veldensteiner Original Lager, Veldensteiner Zwickl, Veldensteiner Kräusen Helles, Veldensteiner Weißbier, Veldensteiner Weißbier dunkel, Veldensteiner Weißbier leicht, Veldensteiner Weißbier alkoholfrei, Veldensteiner Radler naturtrüb.

Beer calendar:
Veldensteiner Frühlings Märzen in spring
Mandarina Bavaria Weißbier in summer
Veldensteiner Bierwerkstatt is a yearly changing beer in October
Veldensteiner Festbier in October
Veldensteiner Saphir Bock in October

Brauereifest in May
Veldensteiner Bockbieranstich in early December

I’ve recently given a couple of their beers a try and they were better than expected. I was in town so hit the supermarket to find the Veldensteiner Rotbier and seasonal Frühlings Märzen. The former was suggested when a reader of my Rotbier Roundup thought I should try it as well.

two beers I picked up in Neuhaus an der Pegnitz

Their brewery tap at Burg Veldenstein is unfortunately permanently closed but their beers are found on tap in the area.

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