Nestled in a pretty valley, the small village of Nankendorf with a pretty church and an old mill is a nice place to take a break while hiking. Of course, there’s no better place to just that than its friendly brewery.

Brauerei Schroll
nankendorf schroll exterior
Nankendorf 41
91344 Waischenfeld
Tel: 09204-248

Ebermannstadt Station 22 km

Opening hours:
Closed Sunday to Thursday
Friday & Saturday 9:00 to 22:00

Output: 2000 HL

Founded in 1848 and still in the Schroll family, the Weißen Lamm (the White Lamb) as their coaster so cutely shows is a friendly village local with good value snack plates that are big enough to share if going from brewery to brewery.  Our first time here, the brewer’s mother was not only pouring the beer but also serving (and making!) the food. Needless to say, the service wasn’t overly fast but she made up for it in friendliness and she was not a young woman so it was hard to fault her lack of speed.  At any rate, their renowned Landbier Dunkel was tasty but the real winner was their Bock and a huge mixed meat plate.

Mixed meat plate & us enjoying the first Landbier after the walk there

We’d walked here but went back the next day with the car to pick up some Bock for the trip home and when I’d realized I’d forgotten to get beer coasters, the young brewer ran all the way back to the area we’d just come from to get me new ones.

Schroll Landbier & Bock in the Biergarten

I returned in warmer weather that summer and enjoyed their quiet little Biergarten area and most recently returned with my wife to enjoy sitting outside and their Bock, a lovely experience to say the least.

a couple of Schroll bottles

I have picked up a few bottles over the year and the Trüber Pils was quite good while the Weizenbier was a bit lackluster, though the latter was one month from expiration so I’d give it another try before writing it off.

Beers: Landbier, Helles, Weizenbier.

Beer calendar:
Bockbier from November to Easter
Trüber Pils appears to be a regular feature

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