Lieberth’s Keller

91352 Hallerndorf
Tel: 09545-70746

Opening hours:
May until the end of October (only in good weather):
Daily from 3:00
Sunday and holidays from 11:30
No closed days aside from those due to bad weather

December until the end of April:
Friday and Saturday from 4:00
Sunday and holidays from 11:30
Closed Monday through Thursday

Closed November

This is the cutest and smallest of the Bierkellers on the Kreuzberg. It’s my favorite and seems to have its crowd due to the truly traditional atmosphere it exudes. It’s more a place for simple food but they have larger meals on weekends. They only have one beer on tap, but it’s a lovely Kellerbier served via gravity dispense and to me, that’s what you want to drink at a Keller, anyway.

some simple snacks to accompany their great gravity-dispensed Kellerbier

I was there recently and can safely say it’s my favorite on the Kreuzberg.  I didn’t get a chance to eat but enjoyed their top of the Kreuzberg Kellerbier once again from gravity dispense.  I also finally got to their Dorfkeller right in Hallerndorf, where we did eat, and it’s excellent as well.

a great Kellerbier and Bierkeller

I’ve since been to the Lieberth’s Gasthaus, which is only open in the cooler months, and it’s a great place too. The Kellerbier is served in a glass so you can see what it looks like and they have excellent food.

Beers: Kellerbier.

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