Laufer Keller

bierkeller view

Edge of Lauf forest towards Aisch
91325 Adelsdorf (Lauf)
Tel: 0162/622 18 66

Willersdorf bus stop 5.5 km via a scenic route

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 17:00 to 23:00
Friday                            16:00 to 23:00
Saturday                       15:00 to 23:00
Sunday & holidays    13:00 to 23:00
Closed Monday

Set on the edge of a dense forest, the Laufer Keller is surely one of the most scenic Bierkellers in Franconia. With both a great view and the ample cooling shade that only so many trees can provide, it’s about the best place to be on a hot summer day. Reached via a forest trail which passes the old storage cellars, it’s about as atmospheric an introduction to the Bierkeller experience as you’re likely to find.

the scenic Laufer Keller

About the only downside of the Laufer Keller is it’s not the most accessible by public transportation. If you aren’t driving, you’re going to be walking or cycling. I guess that also adds to the adventure and keeps the crowds manageable. For this reason, it took me some time to get here but that I did on a recent Sunday afternoon. In fact, I was the very first person to arrive, hence it being so empty in the photos.  The beer is from Brauhaus Höchstadt which doesn’t have a pub of its own so it was my first time trying their beer, an added bonus. I quickly ordered a Helles and their Kellerplate as I’d hiked 5.5 km to get there.

just rewards for the hike to the Laufer Keller

I’d heard mostly middling things about the Brauhaus Höchstadt beer so my expectations were fairly low which often works in a beer’s favor. That plus the walk in and I actually quite enjoyed it. The Kellerplatte was of good quality but I thought it was a bit on the small side for the price. Oddly enough, I’d read somewhere that it was big enough for two people and debated on getting it as I’d had a large breakfast. At any rate, it hit the spot but I’d say sharing isn’t an option.

getting there early has its compensations

By getting there early, I had first crack at the coveted tables overlooking the valley. I particularly like that you can still sit in the shade and have a view or choose to move over a bit and be in the sun. It probably had the nicest Bierkeller view I’d seen (surpassed later that summer by the Pretzfelder Keller) I had the Kellerbier next and savored the setting and the rest of my food.

I returned in May 2022 with my wife and found the place pretty busy for a cool spring afternoon. They changed breweries in the interim and now feature beers from Forchheim’s Brauerei Greif. Though I quite like their Helles, I opted for a new-for-me Greif Kellerbier. We split the Kellerplatte and this time found it plenty for two. It was again excellent quality and must say the Schinken was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Though we started with table a row back from the front, we wound up moving into a prime spot when someone left. My wife loved the place and I’m sure we’ll try to get back soon.

Beers: Greif Hell, Greif Kellerbier, Greif Weizen.

Former beers: Brauhaus Höchstadt Kellerbier, Helles and Weizen