Brauhaus Höchstadt Helles

beer in ceramic mug with logo

Brauhaus Höchstadt Helles

Brewery: Brauhaus Höchstadt an der Aisch
Höchstadt an der Aisch
in Krug so no visuals, looks golden
white, creamy
Nose: slight
Palate: grainy, malty, fairly hoppy

Finish: clean, semi-dry, bitter

Served: on tap at the Laufer Keller

Impression: I had low expectations of the Brauhaus Höchstadt beers but high ones for the Laufer Keller. The latter fulfilled all of them and in that setting, a beer would have to be pretty bad to not be enjoyable. Even though not at a brewery owned outlet, the beer came out in a logo Krug and had a nice creamy head. It had a fair grain element but not overly so and was quite hoppy for a Helles, which caught me off guard.  If anything, I thought it could use a tad more malt but that’s the rare case nowadays so I enjoyed it. I tried to get one in a glass to see its color but they guy pouring the beer said he only has one and someone in the Keller already had it but if I’d just been given this beer without a style, I’d have said it was a Kellerbier and a fair one at that.

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