Kur Café im Salinengarten (Palm-Bräu)

Kur Café im Salinengarten (Palm-Bräu)

old world cafe
Saline 5
74906 Bad Rappenau
Tel: +49 7264960500

Bad Rappenau station 500m

Opening hours:
March to October
Daily 10.00 to 22.00
Closed Monday

November to Februar
Daily 13.00 to 22.00
Closed Monday

 This small park cafe has a choice location right in the Salinengarten but what caught my attention was the Palmbräu logo on their umbrellas. The brewery is in Eppingen, not so far from Bad Rappenau if you have a car but I don’t and I had ruled out trying to squeeze the two Heilbronn Franken breweries into one trip. So, I was happy to get to try the beers for future reference.

a pretty spot for a beer

It was quite slow despite a sunny day but it was mid-week so I went in and ordered a Palmbräu Export. The bartender brought it out and it was very fizzy despite there not being any big rush. It was so bad I dumped out the last third and ordered the Palmbräu Pils. It was a bit better but it wasn’t making me regret not being able to make it out to the brewery. Without a doubt, the pours were too fizzy and that contributed to their poor fairing but not sure it was the only reason. The bartender was nice and gave me a glass when I paid up.

 a pair of Palmbräu beers I picked up at the store

When at the beer shop looking for the Häffner Hopfenstopfer beers, I noticed a few Palmbräu beers and picked them up since I had the glass. I later figured out it was a glass from their contract Maulbronner series but decided to drink them in my room rather than lug them home. Their Unser Bestes was a redeemer but the Schwarzer Zornickel was a sticky affair. Let’s just say the brewery is lower on the list of places to go now.

Beers: Palmbräu Export and Palmbräi Pils on tap

Bottled beers: Maulbronner Hell and Maulbronner Dunkel (both brewed by Palmbräu)

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