Palmbräu Export

golden beer in logo mug
Palmbräu Export

Brewery: Palmbräu
Style: Export
Color: deep golden

white, dissipating
Nose: light grain

Body: medium
, very fizzy
malty, grainy
Finish: lingering,  sticky

Served: on tap at Kur Café im Salinengarten

Impression: Awful looking pour with quickly dissipating head and fizzy palate. Lacks the butter of the Häffner Export but way less interesting and far more industrial. Some beers scream headache and this is one. Pouring out the last third.

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2 thoughts on “Palmbräu Export

    1. It wasn’t my style to begin with and the super fizzy pour just made it worse. The bottled Pils I picked up gave me some hope. It’s a tough town to get to from Munich by public transportation so it’s still way down the list. This town was quite a trip in itself.

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