Bad Rappenau (Baden-Württemberg)

Bad Rappenau is spa town in the northwest part of Baden-Württemberg, closer to Heidelberg than any noted Franconian town but it is part of Helibronn-Franken. Historically part of Franconia if not particularly sharing cultural or linguistic similarities such as other areas in the state, it is perhaps the most outlying area of the Fränkischer Reichskreis or Franconian Imperial Circle.  It has a good tourist infrastructure though to be honest, I found it a tad run down for a spa town. For the beer tourist, it is home to Häffner-Bräu, the reason for my making a considerable effort to get there.

the small charms of Bad Rappenau

It was certainly a nice enough place to spend a day and night but it’s doubtful I’d return. Though I hadn’t allotted enough time to visit the spa, it didn’t look as nice as ones closer to home and the brewery, while decent, wouldn’t warrant such a long trip to return. It’s also not on the way to anywhere I’m planning on going so a one-off I am happy to have finally done.

Häffner Bräu

Kurcafé im Salinengarten

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