Heilgersdorf (Seßlach)

Heilgersdorf is is a small village about 4 kilometers from Seßlach, not all that far from Coburg. As is typical of such rural areas, a few places are grouped into one postal code so don’t be surprised to find Heilgersdorf listed as Seßlach. It’s a simple village and though the countryside surrounding it makes for nice walking and cycling, the main reason most come to this out of the way place is to drink the renowned Märzen from the local brewery.

Brauerei Scharpf

Heilgersdorfer Hauptstraße 16
96145 Seßlach (Heilgersdorf)
Tel: 09569/12 32

Coburg station 19 km/Seßlach 4 km

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 17:00 to 23:00
Saturday & Sunday 16:00 to 23:00

Closed Tuesday

Output: 800 HL

Founded in 1800 and owned by the Scharpf family since 1907, this is a bit of a cult brewery with people from the area descending upon it in greater numbers than most village pubs warrant. The simple interior is augmented nicely by a sprawling outdoor seating area and in good weather, that’s where you’ll find locals and pilgrims alike, drinking the brewery’s renowned Märzen.

 Scharpf interior on a sunny day & their renowned Märzen

I got there a bit after it had opened and spots were already filling up. A Märzen was soon in front of me and I ordered their Hausmacherplatte, a  great little plate of their own butchered meats. They also have a Wurstplatte, which is a plate of regular cold cuts. I can vouch for their own products and believe their Blutwurst was the best I’ve ever had. The bread was also exceptional and while the plate wasn’t overly big, the price was very reasonable. They didn’t have their other regular beer, a Zwickel but there was a seasonal called Gartenseidla which came in a Krug.

seasonal Gartenseidla & Hausmacherplatte

Due to a cancelled train on the way to Coburg, I’d missed lunch in Seßlach and nearly ordered a second Hausmacherplatte but decided to get an order of Smalzbrot (pork/goose fat on bread) which was also excellent. I asked for the Gartenseidla in a glass mug to see it’s color, which was a shade lighter but a similar amber as their signature Märzen.

Smalzbrot & Gartenseidla in a glass mug

Service was quick and friendly and I was very happy with both beers and the food. It took me awhile to get here but hope to return soon. The winter beer sounds great and I will always think about this amazing Hausmacherplatte too!

Beers: Scharpf Märzen, Schapft Zwickel on tap.

Beer calendar:
Bockbier during Lent
Gartenseidla in the summer
Besinnlich’s in the winter

Bockbieranstich is the first Saturday after Fat Tuesday
Kirchweich is the second Sunday in September

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