Scharpf Gartenseidla

Scharpf Gartenseidla

Brewery: Scharpf
Heilgersdorf (Seßlach)
Color: light amber

Head: white
, rocky, thinning
Nose: some grain

Body: medium
, soft
Palate: nice grain element,  dry

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, semi-dry

Served: on tap at the brewery‘s tap, the Weißes Roß

Impression: While I was disappointed their Zwickel wasn’t on, this was a surprisingly dry Kellerbier with one of the nicest and well-integrated grain elements I’ve ever tasted. Though dry, it wasn’t particularly bitter and I wasn’t planning on having a second one but I found myself doing just that. It’s one very nice Kellerbier. It also gave me a chance to order it in a glass mug to see its color. I must say, it is a Krug beer all the way.

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