Scharpf Märzen

amber beer in mug
Scharpf Märzen

Brewery: Scharpf
Heilgersdorf (Seßlach)
Color: amber

Head: off-white
, rocky
Nose: rich toasted malt

Body: medium

Palate: rich malt, toasted malt, underlying hops

Finish: lingering, semi-dry, bittersweet

Served: on tap at the brewery‘s tap, the Weißes Roß

Impression: This is a beer that could have disappointed. I’d wanted to go for a couple years and had been there a few weeks earlier by car only to be told there were special COVID-19 hours and though I was there at their regular opening times, I was still an hour before the new ones. This time I’d made sure they were going to be open since I was on foot! It came out looking like a classic Märzen with a rich amber hue and massive off-white head. The nose was of toasted malt and the rich palate was malty but nonetheless on the dry side. While not as lush as some Märzens, it had a lovely burnt tinge to it and it was super drinkable at 5.6%.

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