Goldene Gans

Goldene Gans

Burkarderstraße 2-4
97082 Würzburg
Tel: 017624476389

Würzburg Station 1.7 km

Opening hours: April through September
Daily 11:00 to 23:00 (in good weather)

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1989, this small brewery is housed across the street from the popular Biergarten. There is an adjacent pub which is currently a sushi restaurant that does serve the Goldene Gans beers on tap. There was a sign outside heralding the pub’s reopening in winter 2024. We’ll see how it pans out but in the meantime, the best place to sample their beers is at the Biergarten just across the road and scenically set on the Main River.

actual brewery & Biergarten

I stopped for lunch on a very sunny spring day in April and was warmly welcomed despite being a few minutes before official opening! The manager explained they don’t always carry their Pils and that it was indeed not available that day. So, instead of getting a small pour of their Hefeweizen, I got a full size as he also explained their small glasses are without their logo. He also told me about their Maibockanstich on May 1st. A server saw me sitting there alone taking pictures and asked if I’d like one of me with my beer. It was a very nice start, especially compared to some places where you’re not sure you’ll even get any service!

 a great day for the Goldene Gans

I’d had a late breakfast but the service was so friendly, I decided to have lunch there rather than my next stop, Alter Kranen. They have a relatively small menu but there’s certainly something for everyone with a few salads and typical Franconian Brotzeit. I got Bratwurst and moved onto their Helles.

Goldene Gans Helles, Bratwurst & a very scenic Biergarten

While the beer was just okay, I’m sure I’ll return to this incredible little Biergarten with the great view and even greater service. If you are in Würzburg, I’d do the same. They even had a fair selection of Franconian wine!

Beers on tap: Goldene Gans Helles, Goldene Gans Hefeweizen, Goldene Gans Pils. Seasonal Goldene Gans Maibock.

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