Geyers Felsenkeller

Tanzenhaider Weg 6
91097 Oberreichenbach
Tel: 09104/28 02

600m from the Brauereigasthof Geyer

Opening hours:
Mid-April through September
Monday to Friday from 17:00 (beer earlier!)
Saturday                from 15:00
Sundays &            from 11:00

Reportedly, beer has been cellared at this location for centuries and the Geyer family reopened it as a proper Bierkeller some years ago. This was the original focus of going to Oberreichenbach for me. I’d met a couple at the Bierkeller in Voggendorf that recommended the Geyer Keller. According to them, it supposedly has some of the best Bratwurst in Franconia (and hence the world). I noticed on researching them, the Keller does Steckerlfish on Fridays too. The opening hours aren’t the most friendly for those coming from out of the area so my first visit to the area brought me to Brauereigasthof in town in 2020. I never made it to the Keller the following summer but 2022 was my lucky year.

finally made it to the fine Geyer Felsenkeller

I got there around opening on a late Friday afternoon to find the place already bustling. It appears the food starts at the stated opening time but the beer flows earlier. It got much busier only a half hour later so going early seems to be the move. There was a large playground a good distance from the Bierkeller and a few things for younger kids closer at hand. The toilets were quite updated for such a rustic looking place.

the very tasty Geyer Kellerbier & fantastic Bratwurst

The only beer on offer is their Hausbier, called Kellerbier here. It was fine with me as I’d had their full range on tap at the brewery two years prior and definitely felt the Hausbier was their best. I finally got their Bratwurst and even with all the hype and the two year wait, they lived up to expectations. Even in a region blessed with Bratwurst, these are stellar. I ordered three and two would have been enough as they were good size and they came with an ample portion of excellent homemade potato salad. Nicely, a small slice of quite good bread was added on top.

a Mass become imperative as the crowds (and beer line) swelled

It got quite busy so decided to get a Mass as my second beer and can highly recommend doing the same on your first one if you are having a meal.

short scenic walk to the Keller

It’s a lovely area and Keller. The trip from Erlangen by bus wasn’t bad and my return bus, though ten minutes late, showed up and brought me safely back. I returned in the spring of 2023 as a friend had raved about the Rotbier on tap there. I’d had a mixed experience with it at their pub so wanted to resample it again. I followed the same Friday protocol and ordered the Rotbier right off the bat.

Geyer Rotbier, Kellerplatte & Kellerbier

I decided to get something different to eat this time so tried the mixed meat plate, which was good but seemed pricey for the portion size. I had no problem finishing it which isn’t generally the case with such plates. I also resampled the Kellerbier (Hausbier) and it was again excellent. That said, this time out the Rotbier was the favorite so my third beer was back to it.

a second visit in one season

September proved to be a gorgeous month for weather and a busy time for tours in Franconia so I took advantage of another Friday to head to the Keller. This time I stuck with the Bratwurst and I found the Rotbier very slightly buttery. It was still excellent but I preferred the Kellerbier this time around.


Beers: Geyer Hausbier (Kellerbier) and Rotbier on tap.

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