Geyer Hausbier (Kellerbier)

Geyer Hausbier

Brewery: Brauereigasthof Geyer
Color: unfiltered
Head: white
, rocky
grainy, slight hops
Body: medium

Palate: dry, hoppy, slightly grainy

Finish: clean, dry, semi-bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was the beer I’d come for so expectations were initially quite high but after having the Helles Landbier, the brewer told me it was an unfiltered version of their Hausbier. I wasn’t enamored with that beer so my expectations had dropped a few notches. It came out with a fantastic head as all their beers had and I’d asked for it in a clear glass rather than in a Krug to see its appearance. It was an unfiltered golden but had some hops in the nose I hadn’t noticed in the Landbier. It also had a much hoppier palate and none of the butterscotch of the Landbier. If this was all due to it not being filtered, it’s a good argument for not performing that process. At any rate, I quite liked it and was glad I’d come. It put going to their Felsenkeller back on the map.

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