Gasthof Wiethaler

Welserplatz 6
91207 Lauf a.d.Pegnitz (Neunhof)
Tel: 09126 54 60

Eschenau Station 3.5km/Lauf (rechts Pegnitz) Station 7km/regular weekday bus service

Opening hours:
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Daily  11:00 to 23:00

Gasthof Wiethaler dates back to 1498 and is housed in as fine a half-timbered building as you’d find in many a more renowned tourist town. The interior was closed the day I visited due to the gorgeous weather. The Biergarten was packed even on a Wednesday. Make reservations or be prepared to wait.

busy Biergarten & empty interior

In addition to their cute little shady Biergarten, the Gasthof offers warm food all day with a changing menu featuring carp and game meats in season. It’s little wonder it’s so popular. Despite all the choices, I opted for Franconia’s signature dish, Schäuferla and it was a great one which paired well with their tasty Landbier Dunkel. I must say there were a lot of people drinking dark beer and I always love to see that!

 a great Schäuferla & round of Wiethaler beers

Their menu said the Hefe Weißbier was on tap so I ordered one as it was a warm day and I was thirsty. I was disappointed to see them pour it from a bottle. It wasn’t very cold either so it was a bit of a waste of a beer. I generally don’t drink Weißbier in Franconia and would more typically pick up a bottle to bring home. I guess it always pays to ask what’s on tap as a seasonal could be on as well.  I finished up with a fair Lager Hell which was more refreshing.

a couple more Wiethaler beers

Service was friendly but overtaxed due to only two people working a fairly large area. Initially, they were pouring the beer in addition to taking orders and running food/drinks. They were certainly giving it their all! Once a bartender showed up, it got better but it was unfortunately after the crowd had thinned out.

Beers: Wiethaler Landbier Dunkel, Wiethaler Lager Hell on tap. Bottled Wiethaler Hefe Weißbier, Wiethaler Goldstoff, Wiethaler Neunhofer Pils plus alcohol-free Pils & Weißbier.

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