Felsenkeller Senftenberg


Senftenberg 1
96155 Buttenheim (Gunzendorf)
Tel: 09545/706 93

Buttenheim station 6 km via a scenic route

Opening hours:
May 1st through the end of September
Monday to Friday from 17:30

Weekends & holidays from 13:00
Open on weekends but with reduced hours even in winter                     

Set on the edge of a dense forest with a lovely view, the Felsenkeller Senftenberg is surely one of the most scenic Bierkellers in Franconia. Reached via a forest trail which passes a very scenic and rustic part of the Keller, it’s a great introduction to Bierkeller culture.

the scenic Felsenkeller Senftenberg

We did a great hike here from Buttenheim train station and had already eaten at one of the Kellers in Buttenheim so only had a couple beers here. They have Hönig Lagerbier from gravity dispense (sadly switched to regular keg in 2021) plus their Weißbier on regular tap. It’s tough to go wrong and it was my first time trying the Weißbier too. On the alternate hike out to Hirschaid, we saw a great old Keller area. It’s probably the coolest one I’ve ever seen and looks like you could still sit back there though it was quite cool so you might want to save it for a hot day.

cool old Keller area

It took me awhile to get here but I believe it won’t be as long before my next visit and next time I’ll come with an appetite!

Beers: Hönig Lagerbier and Weißbier