Hönig Postillon Weiße

weissbier in glass at Bierkeller
Hönig Postillon Weiße

Brewery: Hönig
white, rocky, yeasty
Nose: yeast, clove

Body: medium

fruity, sour, prominent yeast, faint clove
Finish: clean, sourish

Served: on tap at the Felsenkeller Senftenberg

Impression: This is a beer I’d never had despite having been to the brewpub in Tiefenellern quite a few times. I guess when a place generally has two gravity dispensed beers, you tend to drink them. So, even though they did have one gravity beer here, I noticed they had their Weizen on tap and gave it a go and was glad I did as it was not only a gorgeous looking beer served in a log glass (something I’ve not seen at the brewpub itself!), but it was very refreshing and nicely tart. It had some of the typical clove aspect you associate with the style but it was subdued and certainly second fiddle to the sour fruitiness I found appealing. It was perfect for the Bierkeller and to give me sustenance for the hike out.

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