End (Bad Staffelstein)

With a name like End, you might imagine that this little village is about the end of the road. Ironically, the road continues but it’s the end of civilization (at least the beery one) for many kilometers, for sure. There’s not much here but an unassuming restaurant that may have been a brewery once upon a time, though I can’t find anything to support it aside from them having Bräu in their name.  That’s not so important but it does have one thing that’s worth going to the End for.

end schwarzer adler exterior

Landgasthof Schwarzer Adler (Adler-Bräu)
End 13
96231 End (Bad Staffelstein)
Tel: 09573/222 60

Opening hours: (Closed 13.03.2024 due to personnel issues)
Wednesday to Monday 11:00 to 10:00
Closed Tuesday
Off season:
Thursday to Sunday 11:00 to 20:00
Monday 16:00 to 20:00
Closed Tuesday & Wednesday

The Schwarzer Adler was never on my radar as it’s not a brewery. After finding out that it had a beer brewed for it by Brauerei Hetzel up the road in Frauendorf, it became more intriguing. Once I found it it also had one of the Frauendorfer beers on tap, I was sold. We stopped by one day to find it closed but the building looked charming so vowed to return.

an unexpected charming Biergarten out back

We stopped for lunch recently and though originally hoping to check out its interior, it was too nice a day so headed to the small terrace off to the side. A server told us there was a beautiful Biergarten around back but we figured it was oversell and weren’t prepared for it actually being so nice. The entrance alone was really well-down and though I’d expected some kitsch, it really wasn’t at all. The views out back were stunning.

view from & entrance to the Biergarten

It was fairly busy despite it being amid COVID-19 restrictions so I can imagine, it would be full on a normal sunny Saturday. Why not with a spot like this and a full menu. We both opted for Schäuferla and it was a great one and went super well with Das Adler-Bräu, a gorgeous Schwarzbier.

a crispy topped Schäuferla & Das Adler-Bräu

I also had the Frauendorfer Landbier and enjoyed the view a bit longer. I’m fairly certain we’ll make it back here again with a Schäuferla like that and great beers on tap.

A heavenly match: Frauendorfer Landbier & the Franconian landscape


Beers on tap: Das Adler-Bräu, Frauendorfer Landbier

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