Frauendorf (Bad Staffelstein)

Frauendorf is one of the many incorporated villages which make up the Bad Staffelstein postal code. It’s a quaint little village right on a good beer hiking route. There’s a nice little church, a cute little goat farm and it is also home to one of the more hard to get to small brewpubs in Franconia.

half-timbered house

Brauerei Hetzel OHG
Frauendorf 11
96231 Bad Staffelstein (Frauendorf)
Tel: 09573/64 35

Bad Staffelstein train station 7 km/limited buses

Opening hours:
Closed Monday to Saturday
Sunday 10:00 to 12:00

Output: 4000 HL

Founded in 1820, Anton Hetzel runs what is surely a timeless old Franconian pub but trying to see its interior isn’t the easiest endeavor. I was staying in nearby Loffeld and did a nice circuit hike that took in Frauendorf. I timed it to be here in the late afternoon on a Sunday and arrived to find it seemingly closed. It was a nice afternoon and surely there would have been people drinking outside but I heard some low music from within and decided to try the front door, and found it open. I entered the corridor but the door to the taproom was locked. I’d come a long way so I knocked a few times and left. An old man obviously not happy with my intrusion came out to say he was closed. Next time, I guess I’ll try to get there for the morning session!  I did get lucky a couple months later when I found three of the Hetzel beers in bottles and, as you might imagine, they were all great. So, I guess I have to get back here one day.

bottles of Frauendorfer Vollbier, Pils, Kellerbier & Rauchbier

Little did I know at the time but about one kilometer up the road, in the village of End, is a restaurant and former brewery called the Schwarzer Adler which not only has their one house beer, Das Adler-Bräu,  brewed by Hetzel but also serves Frauendorfer Landbier on tap! I recently made it there for lunch and it was great.

Beers: Frauendorfer Vollbier, Frauendorfer Landbier, Frauendorfer Pils, Frauendorfer Kellerbier, Frauendorfer Rauchbier.

Beer calendar:
Festbier from the middle of November
Bockbier from the middle of November

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