Hetzel Frauendorfer Landbier

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Frauendorfer Landbier

Brewery: Hetzel (Frauendorfer)
Town: Frauendorf
Style: Landbier
Color: in Krug so no visuals, looks amber
Head: rocky
Nose: slight floral hop
Body: medium
Palate: balanced, hoppy, slight grain
Finish: clean, dry, slightly bitter

Served: on tap at the Schwarzer Adler in End (Bad Staffelstein)

Impression: Frauendorfer beers aren’t the easiest to get your hands on and on tap, even less so. I’d made the effort to visit the small brewpub on a Sunday, the only day it’s open, only to find it closed. Little did I know that up the road, in End, was a pub with their Landbier on tap. I recently got there and was happy to finally try this beer on tap. It was after a dark beer brewed by Hetzel for the restaurant, which I really liked, so my impression is surely affected by that. At any rate, it was a very good, dry hoppy beer but I didn’t feel it was as complex as the dark beer or the bottles of Vollbier I’d had from the brewery. Next time, I’ll get it first to get a cleaner impression.

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