Ebing may not be quite as charming as nearby Rattelsdorf and Mürsbach but it’s certainly scenic enough and more convenient for those traveling without a car. There’s a train station with regular service from Bamberg only a kilometer from the brewery. Oh, and the brewery is a fine one, with rooms no less! From here, it’s easy to walk without your luggage to all the other fine breweries in the area.

half-timbered brewery
Marktplatz 11
96179 Ebing
Tel: 09547-481

Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday & Friday 16:00 to 22:00
Closed Thursday
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 to 13:00 & 16:00 to 22:00
Warm food until 20:00 (no lunch on Saturday)

Rooms available

Ebing Station 1.1 km/irregular bus service

Output: 1000 HL

Founded in 1859, this small half-timbered house brewery has been in the the Hübner family for over 150 years.  The interior is a bit dated but that doesn’t deter the locals who come for great meals, especially Haxen or pork knuckle.  It was bustling on our way to our chosen (and slightly further from the station) brewery lunch stop but quiet when we stopped in for a beer on our way back to the station.

We were too full from our large lunch to consider even a snack but their Dunkles Vollbier was excellent.

A fine Dunkles Vollbier & throw back interior of Schwanen-Bräu

We returned recently to do a canoe trip out of Rattelsdorf and spent a couple nights up there but decided to walk down to Ebing for dinner our first night since we hadn’t had a chance to try the food here. We were very glad we did.

landscape with clouds

walk down to Ebing as the sun was going down

The beer was every bit as good as remembered and though they had more or less just closed the kitchen, they were nice enough to rustle up a couple dishes for us. The service was very friendly and the food was amazing, if simple. We had an incredible mixed meat plate that was obviously from their own butcher.  It was actually big enough for two and they were generous with bread, not charging extra when we asked for more.  We also had the Sülze (jellied meat) with Bratkartoffeln (roast potatoes) that was also out of this world.

mixed meat plate & Sülze with Bratkartoffeln

We returned in December 2023 for a new one-day only Weihnachtsfestbier served at their little Christmas market in the brewery’s Hof.

the birthday boy gets his beer

Beers: Dunkles Vollbier.

Beer calendar:
Kirchweih is the Sunday after the 25th of July.
Weihnachtsfestbier was one day only in December 2023?

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