Schwanen-Bräu Vollbier

schwanen vollbier ebing
Schwanen-Bräu Vollbier

Brewery: Schwanen-Bräu
Town: Ebing
Style: Vollbier Dunkel
Color: dark amber
Head: white, creamy, dense
Nose: slight hop
Body: soft, low carbonation
Palate: hoppy,
Finish: long, dry,  bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: We’d had an amazing beer in Höfen but it would have been hard for me to walk by a brewery on the way back to the station. My wife knew this and was a good sport about dropping in when she’d probably have just bee-lined to the station. Sometimes you get lucky and the second beer is just as good and this was one of those times. It looked like a keeper and it was, a dry hoppy quaffer. It’s the kind of beer we both love and find more often in Franconia than anywhere else.

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