Schwanen-Bräu Weihnachtsfestbier

unfiltered amber beer in logo glass
Schwanen-Bräu Weihnachtsfestbier

Brewery: Schwanen-Bräu
Town: Ebing
Style: Festbier dunkel
Color: unfiltered dark amber
Head: off-white, creamy
Nose: grainy, hoppy
Body: medium
firmly hoppy throughout with an undercurrent of grainy malt
Finish: lingering, dry,  bitter

Served: on tap at the brewery’s one day only Christmas market

Impression: This is one brewery I really should try to get to more often. I almost didn’t head out for this one day only Festbier but so glad I persevered. It had a gorgeous deep amber hue and off-white creamy head. It was quite the hoppy Festbier but nicely malty too. The newish young brewmaster looks to maybe shake things up a bit so hopefully he’s got some more tricks up his sleeve for 2024 that will entice me to return more often!

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