Bürgerliches Brauhaus Wiesen

Hauptstraße 97
63831 Wiesen
Tel: 06096373

Heigenbrücken Station 14km/irregular bus service

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 7:00 to 16:30
Friday 7:00 to 11:30

Output: 14000 HL

Founded in 1888 but liquidated and sold only 25 years later. With the onset of the first World War, the new ownership’s efforts to resurrect the fledgling brewery was halted and in the unsure times thereafter thwarted several times until 1925 when it seemed to finally take root.  It is now has good local distribution and is available in numerous pubs in the Aschaffenburg area. Two restaurants in Wiesen (Bali’s Kreuzwirt and Spessarteinkehr) feature their beer on tap as well.

two pubs in town with Wiesener Bier

I unfortunately was not there when either was open but I did stop by the brewery and picked up a case of their good assortment of beers.

some of the bottles I brought home

Beers: Wiesener Pils, Wiesener Export, Wiesener Helles, Wiesener Kellerbier, Wiesener Festmärzen, Wiesener Altfränkisches Landbier, Wiesener Räuber Weisse hell, Wiesener Räuber Weisse dunkel, Wiesener Naturradler, Aschaffenburger Pompejanus.

Beer calendar:
Wiesener Frühlingsbock in April & May
Wiesener Räuberbock in October & November

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